What I do different for home sellers

94% of home buyers start their search for a home online. My marketing and exposure of your home is unmatched in this area. I leverage technology, high quality graphic/web design, and my experience to give your home the most amount of exposure. The more exposure, the faster your home will sell.


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Property Website (

I create a “mini” website using your home address as the website domain name. Your unique property website features information about your home for sale, along with high quality digitial photos, a video tour, virtual tour, area  map,  a pdf download listing flyer, school and demographic info and more. Your property website is also  optimized to show up in search engine keyword searches. Your home webpage is also advertised on a multitude of classified websites including Craigslist, Backpage, Oodle, and many more.



Property Virtual Tour/VideoTourwest windsor estates homes

I create a very engaging, high quality video tour that shows off every detail of your home — I don’t believe anyone else is doing this in our area. This video gets  promoted on real estate websites like REALTOR.COM®  as well as youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, veoh, and other video websites as well as in my own marketing (property website/listing flyers/etc.).  Videos are now automatically given priority in search engine results meaning that YOUR home will be more likely to be found by buyers searching your neighborhood or address. The most any other agent might do is a slide show of your home and they call it a virtual tour. I do virtual tours also, but the full video tours are what attracts attention and gets buyers interested in your home like nothing else!



Property Website Riderthe gentry, plainsboro nj jim simmons

When I create your home’s mini website, I also create a web address rider that is attached to the “for sale” yard sign. This rider alerts passers-by to the property address domain name, as well as a QR code that the buyer can scan with their smart phone to be taken directly to your home’s webpage. Instant access to you home’s information as well as photos of the interior increases inquiries on your home over your competitors.


Social & Professional Websites

In 2017, Realtors can’t continue to ignore the power of social media to connect with home buyers. Research has proven that social media like Facebook and Twitter are the preferred methods of communication and drive the buying habits and decision making of a new generation: the typical home buyer today does not find and buy a home like they did in the last century or even 5 years ago.  The communication, links, and content in these Web 2.0 social/professional tools allow for an increase in exposure for your home for sale. This can’t be stressed enough: the buyer for your home is very likely using social media sites every single day and is forming their buying decisions based on their social media interactions. You can’t ignore this any longer when it comes to selling your home. 


High Quality Digital Photography

Good marketing starts with great photos of your home. 98% of homebuyers who searched for a home on the Internet found photos to be among the most useful features of REALTOR® websites

I take high quality, well-lit, wide angle digital photos of every room in the interior, full front, back, and side yard shots, and any amenities your property offers. These photos are used in every piece of marketing from your webpage, to the showcase listing, to my flyers and extensive online advertising


High Quality Listing Highlight Flyers

I take your listing flyer to a new level. Most agents use pre-formatted template-like listing flyer. I on the other hand customize a flyer that shows off your home for sale with my high quality digital photography.  In addition to photos and information, the home’s mini property website address and/or virtual tour is also noted on the flyer as well. My flyers also feature a QR code that any buyer can scan with their Iphone/Smartphone to access even more information and share it with their friends. No other Realtor is doing this, it’s another advantage I give to you.


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A leader in technology enhancements for Realtors and their clients, Re/Max’s real estate website is the second most visited real estate website after Every minute of every day thousands of buyers are on the RE/MAX website looking for homes. When a buyer finds your home and logs in to view the details, I’m immediately alerted with a text message on my phone. I’m given the name, email address and often the phone number of that buyer. They will get a call from me within minutes of viewing your home on line. Other real estate company websites often take much longer to route the buyers information — sometimes hours or more —  to an agent that is usually not even the seller’s agent! Your buyers will be immediately routed to me so that I can effectively sell them on your home!


Enhanced Showcase Listing at REALTOR.COM® showcase listingsAll REALTORS® receive basic property promotions on the #1 real estate site in the country. I pay a premium for Showcase Listing Features. Showcase listing enhancements include up to 25 jumbo photos, links to full motion video and virtual tours, open house alerts for your property, custom headlines and descriptions, and more. These upgraded features showcasing your home for sale will add increased exposure over other agents and their listings that use only the basic property promotion at REALTOR.COM®.





Jim Simmons and Remax greater princeton promoting your home for saleSyndication to Real Estate Searchable Websites

No one gives your home more exposure than I do! Since 94% of home buyers start their search online (National Assoc. of REALTORS® -NAR), I make sure your home is syndicated to many of the major real estate searchable websites, including, of course the Number 1 company branded website, RE/   Your home profile includes all the information included in your property website: photos, details and features, video tours and much more.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

I optimize your property website  and promote it in so many ways online that a  search engine inquiry of your home address or neighborhood will be filled with info, content and webpages all promoting your home. Side by side with virtually any competing homes, yours will be much easier for buyers to find and will produce way more ‘hits’ in an online search than most other homes.

I have all of my listings show up on the first page of search results and have found many buyers for my homes from these internet searches.



Smartphone App to Search for Real Estate

Buyers can find your home for sale on my Smartphone App. The app is free and can anyone can get it by simply texting “Jim” to 87778.  Buyers can search for properties anywhere in New Jersey.

I promote this  mobile app extensively to get more buyers to search for homes like yours right from their phones. This year, more people are moving away from laptops and are relying on their smartphones for web access and information gathering. With home search apps like this, buyers can search for homes no matter where they are. Traditional Realtors haven’t caught on to this yet.






Being a 30 year plus veteran of the real estate business today is not always an asset.  See, the way homes are bought and sold today bears little resemblance to how it was accomplished just 10 years ago and many veteran agents have not evolved and kept up with the new economy, the new way of doing business online through web promotion and social media. This is where  your buyers are while the agents are using print media, out-dated websites, and ineffective open houses while their way of doing business is becoming more and more irrelevant.

However, I am in the unique position of having 30+ years experience selling home AND, more importantly, keep up to day with current technology, trends, and cutting edge marketing that most experience agents are still resisting. Put my experience AND new media paradigm to work for you.

If you need to know more about what to expect when you work with me to sell your home, take a look at my “10 Things” page detailing the 10 things you can expect from me, my promises to you.


What’s My House Worth? Final Word…

If you are thinking about selling your home, let me do a complete analysis of your home as compared to current homes for sale and recent sold properties that are similar to your home. I take into consideration current market conditions and will work with you on setting a realistic price range for your home. I will also plan a marketing program to give you the most amount of exposure in you area.


The Three Reasons Why Your Home Didn’t Sell:


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