“NJ Teachers at Home” Real Estate Program for Buying, Selling saves you thousands!

I’m excited to let you know about a new program “New Jersey Teachers at Home,” that I’ve been authorized to offer to

nj teacher mortgage

Teacher Appreciation Cupcakes (Photo credit: clevercupcakes)

teachers, saving them up to 2% to 3% of their mortgage amount when buying a home and can also save money when selling a home.

This program completely eliminates the following fees on your loan:

  • Application Fee

  • Processing Fee

  • Commitment Fee

  • Underwriting Fee

  • Commitment Points

This program is open to all of the following:

  • public school or private school teachers

  • Guidance Counselors

  • Librarians,

  • tutors

  • coaches

  • school nurses

  • and even retired teachers

To qualify for the discount you’ll just need to show your  certificate of teaching or degree and verification of past employment. Of course normal financial and credit guidelines apply.

I also have no-money down programs available in NJ as well.   Call or click on the contact me button above and let’s work together getting you to where you want to be and save a ton of money while we do it!


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