6 Tips for Selling Your Older, Slightly Out-dated Home — Part 2

In the previous post about selling your older home we discussed bathrooms, flooring and appliances. This week I want to talk about the single most important room that can make or break a sale: the kitchen. If you were only going to update or put money into one room in your home, this is the room. Below are a few things you can do to add value to your kitchen and make it more attractive to home buyers:

  • Paint: this is obvious, but often overlooked. Consider a fresh, clean coat of neutral, bright paint to brighten the kitchen. If you have wallpaper on now, it must be removed to make your kitchen look more attractive. Wallpaper will turn off the vast majorit of today’s buyers.
  • Clear off your counter tops. Remove clutter, extra appliances, drying racks etc. The fewer things you have on your counter, the better.  Of course if your counter top is old, scratched and outdated, you should consider replacing it. You can get a new, stylish countertop today for just several hundred dollars and it will add a lot more in value than it costs.
  • Update the cabinets inexpensively. New cabinets may not be in your budget but you can make a big difference just scrubbing them down and updating the hardware. New door pulls can cost just a couple of dollars each but will make a big impression when they replace your outdated, old door pulls.
    update your kitchen to sell your home

    Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

    Consider also painting your cabinets. You can wash them and simply paint them white or a neutral color or you can buy a refinishing kit that will do a great job at making your oak cabinets look like cherrywood — or whatever color you prefer.

Another area that can easily improve the look of any home is bright lighting. Open up your blinds; remove heavy, dark curtains; and put brighter bulbs in your fixtures, especially in darker rooms. A sunny, bright home always looks better and more welcoming to home buyers.

The last place that I want to mention is the first place most buyers will see: the front of your home. If your shrubbery is overgrown from years of neglect, have it professionally trimmed or consider removing some shrubbery. Make sure your siding is clean, your porch is free of clutter and you lawn is neatly trimmed. A good first impression goes a long way at making the rest of the home appear desirable.

If you follow these few tips and take an honest look at your home, you’ll see the difference it can make. More importantly, the buyers walking through your door will be more likely to make a better offer on a home that shows well and is clean and updated. For more specific tips and recommendations, give me a call and we’ll discuss exactly what it will take to get  your home sold for top dollar.

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